Keynote title: High-resolution dynamic characterization of mm wave channels

Abstract: Millimeter wave communication is one of the cornerstones in the upcoming 5G standards. While it is generally accepted that the path loss can be overcome by using array antennas at both the base station and the terminal side, there are still many open topics when it comes to the dynamic behavior of the mm wave channel and details of the multipath structure. In this talk we discuss recent advances in mm wave channel characterization, both with respect to channel sounding techniques and channel characteristics.  We treat the dynamic behavior and multipath structure of the mm wave channel and their implications on beamforming strategies and antenna design to achieve reliable and efficient communication.

Keynote speaker: Prof. Fredrik Tufvesson, Lund University, Sweden.

Fredrik Tufvesson received his Ph.D. in 2000 from Lund University in Sweden. After two years at a startup company, he joined the department of Electrical and Information Technology at Lund University, where he is now professor of radio systems. His main research interests is the interplay between the radio channel and the rest of the communication system with various applications in 5G systems such as massive MIMO, mm wave communication, vehicular communication and radio based positioning.

Fredrik has authored around 80 journal papers and 140 conference papers, he is fellow of the IEEE and recently he got the Neal Shepherd Memorial Award for the best propagation paper in IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology and the IEEE Communications Society best tutorial paper award.